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Year 1 School Closure Blog

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  • Year 1 class video

    Published 03/06/20, by Sophie Bambrick

    Here is the class video! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! :)


    Also, remember to tune into the Oak National Academy Assembly at 11am: :

    The guest speaker is Beth Tweddle, Olympic Bronze medallist, 3 x World Champion & 6 x European Champion‍!🤸

    Get your dancing shoes ready! There will be a wellbeing dance class with Stacie Lee Bennett-Worth. I can't wait!


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  • Week 1st-5th June

    Published 31/05/20, by Sophie Bambrick

    Hello everyone. I hope you had a lovely half term. I will be seeing some of you today back in class. I have uploaded this weeks activities for you.

    Please remember that it will not be me that responds back to your emails as I will be back in the classroom. If you need any help or advise please do email and another adult will get back to you.

    I hope you have a fun week and I look forward to hearing all about what you have been up to! :) 

    Miss B

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  • Friday 22nd May

    Published 21/05/20, by Sophie Bambrick

    Happy Friday! 

    Remember to send me your video clip today if you would like to be included in the class video :) 

    I hope you have a lovely day and enjoy your half term next week. I am very much looking forward to seeing those of you who will be back at school after half term!! 

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  • Thursday 21st May

    Published 20/05/20, by Sophie Bambrick

    Good morning. Its almost the weekend and half term! only one more day to go! 

    Here are some more activities for you. Could you please send me a short quick email to let me know you are well and to let me know how you're getting on :) 

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  • Wednesday 20th May

    Published 19/05/20, by Sophie Bambrick

    Good morning! How beautiful was the yesterday. Today is going to be another beautiful day. 

    Here are some more activities to keep you busy today :) 

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  • Tuesday 19th May

    Published 18/05/20, by Sophie Bambrick

    Hello everyone. I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday! 

    Here are some more activities for you today :) 

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  • Monday 18th May

    Published 17/05/20, by Sophie Bambrick

    Good morning and happy Monday!

    It is the last week before half term. Are you excited? 

    I have uploaded some more of your fanstastic photos to our gallery so you can have a look and see what each other have been up to. 

    I have filmed another story for you. It is one of my favourites, Tiddler. Here is the link:

    I hope you have a wonderful day and I look forward to some photos from you showing me what you have been doing :) 

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  • Weekly timetable wc 18.05

    Published 15/05/20, by Sophie Bambrick

    Please enter an introduction for your blog post here.

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  • Friday 15th May

    Published 14/05/20, by Sophie Bambrick

    Happy Friday everyone! 

    I hope you are excited for the weekend. I want to say a big thank you for the photos and videos you have been sending me of your work. You are all doing such a great job and I am so so proud of you all. Everytime I see you and your work it puts a huge smile on my face! Thank you very much. 

    Hope to see you all soon. X

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  • Thursday 14th May

    Published 13/05/20, by Sophie Bambrick

    Hello everyone. I hope you are all well and still enjoying doing your work from home. 

    Here are some more activities for you to do today. There is an assembly about the first lady that went to space. I think it will be very interesting to watch. I have added the link to todays PDF. 

    If you have any photos of your work that you would like me to put up on our class gallery please email me them and let me know. I love seeing what you have been up to and I am sure you enjoy seeing what everyone else has been doing too.

    Have an amazing day :)

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  • Wednesday 13th May

    Published 12/05/20, by Sophie Bambrick

    Happy Wednesday everyone! 

    I hope you are having a good week so far. Here are some more activites to keep you busy today :) 

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  • Tuesday 12th May

    Published 11/05/20, by Sophie Bambrick

    I hope you all had a lovely Monday. I hope you all enjoyed the Snail and the Whale story I posted the link to :)  

    Have another great day. Remember to send me an email if you want to show or tell me what you have been up to at home. 

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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