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Year 2 School Closure Blog

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  • Monday 8th June

    Published 06/06/20, by Natasha Howlett

    As I was walking through Tutts Clump today I could smell a really beautiful flower, it was a honeysuckle. I wonder if you have noticed any new smells on your daily walks? It is almost summer and the longest day of the year. What other changes have you been noticing? 

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  • Friday 5th June

    Published 04/06/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Well we have made it to the end of our first week.

    I have uploaded your art creations to an album, if you have not sent yours yet don't worry, just pop it into an email and I will add it to the album. I have been doing some art this week too, I challenged myself to do yr3's art lesson  and the picture here is my creation! I love my little owl but not sure I can call myself an artist.

    Your work today is on the timetable Mrs Howlett posted at the beginning of the week and includes maths and english from Oak National Academy. 

    Your GMC is on the powerpoint and finally you Have PE today.

    Have a lovely day and enjoy your weekend.

    I will see you Monday

    Mrs Babb

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  • Thursday 4th June

    Published 03/06/20, by Natasha Howlett

    Hi Hazel Class,

    It's Mrs Howlett. I am stepping in for Mrs Babb as her computer is not letting her into our blog! I have to say it's nice to have an excuse to write to you all again! School has been very quiet and I have enjoyed teaching again but it is very different to when I have all of you in the class! I hear from Mrs Babb that she has some fantastic art work from some of you that she is waiting to pop on the gallery when she can access it. I will make sure I take a look at it, so make sure you send your pictures in. 

    I hope you are all having a lovely week, still getting out in the slightly cooler weather and enjoying your learning. 

    Take lots of care 

    Mrs Howlett

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  • Wednesday 3rd June

    Published 02/06/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Well we are halfway through the week and it has been fun so far. I have set up an album with your gardening pictures so keep sending them in. 

    I enjoyed catching up with some of you on the telephone yesterday and will try to call a few more today.

    There are no extra things needed for your work today; all the information is on the timetable Mrs H posted on Monday. I have posted it again below, so it is easily at hand for you.

    Mrs Babb


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  • Tuesday 2nd June

    Published 01/06/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Hello Hazel Class, Mrs Babb here!

    Florence sent this lovely picture of a chilli she has grown. Has anybody else been busy gardening? Send me some pictures and I can share them in our gallery.

    Some of you sent message videos for your friends at school, I have posted the link below for you to watch it and hope that it will not be too long before we can say hello to each other in person.


    Mrs Howlett has already given you this week's timetable with the links to lessons from Oak Academy that you will need. I have uploaded the powerpoint you need for todays RE lesson below.

    Have a lovely day and I hope to catch up with some of you by telephone this week.

    Mrs Babb

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  • Monday 1st June

    Published 30/05/20, by Natasha Howlett

    A look at our classroom. How many differences can you spot?

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  • Half Term

    Published 27/05/20, by Natasha Howlett

    Here is Nino's books cover. A great design and in the the style of many Tom Gates books. Well done.

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  • Friday 22nd May

    Published 21/05/20, by Natasha Howlett

    Bee happy and have a great half term! 

    See below for your your daily activities. 

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  • Thursday 21st May

    Published 20/05/20, by Natasha Howlett

    Well done to Rory for creating a great power point about how to make a fruit kebab. Here is one of his slides. 

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  • Wednesday 20th May

    Published 19/05/20, by Natasha Howlett

    Hi Please find attached your activities  for today. Have a lovely time completing them. 

    Mrs Howlett

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  • Tuesday 19th May

    Published 19/05/20, by Natasha Howlett

    Look at Florence's lovely NHS rainbow salad - what a lovely idea. Well done Florence. Which part of the rainbow would you eat first? 

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  • Monday 18th May

    Published 16/05/20, by Natasha Howlett

    Elin's letter

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