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Year 2 School Closure Blog

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  • Wednesday 8th July

    Published 07/07/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Middle of the week already! Your Maths and English challenges need to be completed today if you have not already done them. I have posted them again below for you. Please email them to me like last week so I can pass them on to Mrs Howlett for her to look at tomorrow.

    I have attached your science lesson below for today, you willl need your food diaries you have been keeping for this.

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  • Tuesday 7th July

    Published 06/07/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Below are the resources for your lessons today. You will need the boxing up activity you did last week to help you complete your English. The PSHE activity is the Spreading my wings resource below.

    I hope you have all been completing your food diaries, don't forget to bring them into school with you on Wednesday.

    Have a lovely day today.

    Mrs Babb

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  • Monday 6th July

    Published 05/07/20, by Natasha Howlett

    Monday - Today's work is below. 

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  • Friday 3rd July

    Published 02/07/20, by Melissa Whitaker


    I am really sorry I forgot to add some instructions for your literacy!  I didn't do very well last night with your blog work!  For your literacy today you will find the worksheet attached. You will see it is a box-it up- sheet just like we have used for our stories in Hazel Class this year. You are going to be writing the middle sections of the story where Oona is tricking Angus. If you look at my model you will see how I have used key words to explain the picture. On your sheet you need to think of three different ways that Oona could trick Angus. Draw a picture to illustrate each and write key words -NOT DETAIL to help you remember your ideas for when we write our own sections next week. I hope that helps. Sorry again! 

    I hope you had a good day yesterday. I slept well after spending the day with the Lions group in school and looking forward to my day with them today.

    Today should have been our sports day at school, I know some challenges have been set for you to do at home to win housepoints so I hope you have your own mini sports day and may the best house win!

    I have attached the resources for Literacy and science below.

    Mrs Babb

    Hi Everyone - sorry to jump in! 

    I have realised that I forgot to hand out the science food journal sheets for you to be filling in. It is attached below. If you are in school you will need it next Wednesday. Sorry! It was lovely to see those of you I did yersterday. I hope you had a nice day back in school. I hope all the rest of you had a nice day too! We missed you,

    Mrs Howlett

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  • An Assembly reminder ...

    Published 01/07/20, by Lucy Hinckley

    Remember to tune in at 11am for the Oak National Academy today :

    This is what the Oak Academy Facebook page says about it: 

    We've got three incredible guests joining us for this Thursday's assembly 😍

    Ant and Dec will be sharing an important message about staying safe and speaking out with the NSPCC 🙌

    We will also be finding out what it's like to travel into space with Libby Jackson from the UK Space Agency 🌠⚡️

    So, have a look and enjoy the fun!

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  • Thursday 2nd July

    Published 01/07/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Hello, it was lovely to see some of you in the playground with Mrs Howlett yesterday. I hope you all had a really good time being back in school, I know Mrs Howlett enjoyed it too. What a treat for her birthday!

    Back to home learning today though I am afraid. This is the link for your spelling task today

    Your maths and literacy resources are below, you have a Finn McCool activity and another activity on time.

    Have a lovely day

    Mrs Babb

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  • Wednesday 1st July

    Published 30/06/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Welcome to July! We are now in our final month of school. The time seems to have gone so quickly since I have been talking to you on here.

    You have 2 challenges that Mrs Howlett has set for you to complete today one is on and the other is a fractions maths challenge which I have posted again below. Remember to do these by yourself as we want to see what you can do not your adult, but you can ask your adult to read nything out to you that you are not sure of. Onc eyou have completed the fractions sheet get your adult to email it to me as Mrs Howlett would like to look at them tomorrow.

    The rest of the resources you need for today are also posted below. Remember to watch the story of Finn McCool before you do the literacy work as this will help you answer the questions.  the link for it is here

    Have a lovely day

    Mrs Babb

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  • Tuesday 30th June

    Published 29/06/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Good Morning, I hope you all had a good day yesterday and are ready to go today.

    I have attached the worksheet to go with your lieracy lesson today and the powerpoint for RE below.

    I know Mrs Howlett gave you a lot of information yesterday about all the work this week. Any questions please email me.

    Mrs Babb

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  • Monday June 29th

    Published 28/06/20, by Natasha Howlett

    Here is a picture from the story we will be using in our literacy "Finn MacCool." It is all about two giants and their quest to find out who is the greatest. I hope you enjoy finding out about them and their famous story.

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  • Friday 26th June

    Published 25/06/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    I don't think I have looked forward to the end of the week like today. It has been so hot it is very hard to concentrate, Hope you have managed to keep up with your work.

    I have posted the resources you need for today below and thankfully it is not too much of a full day for you.

    Have a fantastic weekend and Mrs Howlett will post with your timetable for next week.

    Mrs Babb

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  • Thursday 25th June

    Published 24/06/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Phew what a hot day yesterday was and we have another on the cards today. I had a really enjoyable morning in school yesterday with the Lions Group. It was lovely to see some smiley faces around school again. I am now really looking forward to getting back next week for more days.

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