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Thursday 14th May

Today we are going to be making posters about how to keep safe. What do you think these posters are about? How do you know? What are people trying to keep safe in these posters? 

Today our good morning challenge is to listen to the assembly produced by the National Oak Academy.

It is on-line from 11am, today the assembly is all about discovery and the first woman in space will be talking on it. Here is the link  live 10am on you tube if you prefer.

In your maths we are looking at number bonds to 100. Please choose to complete activity one or two, unless of course you would like to do both. Here is the link it is on the BBC Bite size daily sessions.

Literacy is also taken from BBC Bite Size today and is all about exclamation marks. In the lesson it asks us to make a poster. It does not have to be about keeping safe around ponds you could choose any aspect of keeping safe  from washing hands to crossing the road. You choose!

Lastly, our last activity is learning all about a new artist William Morris... I won't tell you anymore - let me know what you find out about him! There is an attachment to explain the activity and a PPT to help you below. 

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