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Year 3 School Closure Blog

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  • Friday 5th June

    Published 04/06/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Well we have all made it to Friday. I have enjoyed seeing all your learning and am really impressed with the work you have been producing. 

    As promised I undertook the art lesson yesterday and my owl creation is above. Not sure I can really call myself an artist but i do quite like him.

    I have put some of the work you have shared with me into a new album so please do check it out. Our class video has been updated as a clip had been missed. The new link for it is below, copy and paste it into your browser, can you work out who has added their 'hello'?

    Next your sunflower competition update......... we have some new entrants Victoria's is growing well but not yet measured, Tilly who's first attempt was thwarted by a greedy squirrel! and Beau who has joined with his sunflower already an impressive 117cm. Some other measurements I have received are Thomas H at 38cm is growing nice and steadily but still out in front is Mrs W at 122cm!

    Right now for your work today, I have loaded your timetable, maths challenges and comprehension answers below

    Have a good weekend and see you all Monday

    Mrs Babb

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  • Thursday 4th June

    Published 03/06/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Thank you for your emails showing me all your great work this week. I have seen some fantastic science investigating, along with great work in English and Maths. You are all doing a great job.

    I will get examples of your work into the gallery as soon as I can check with Mrs W exactly how and where to put it.

    Today's timetable is below. I see you have Art today. Now, as you all know so well, my artistic skills are severely lacking, unless you need a drawing of a clown! I am going to give myself a challenge today to produce a picture by following the instructions on the website. If you can do it then I surely have to have a go............ watch this space.

    Mrs Babb

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  • Wednesday 3rd June

    Published 02/06/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Happy Wednesday.

    This is William's picture of the Space Station, the white dot in the centre.

    Lovely to catch up with some of you via email and phone yesterday, keep them coming. I understand you have a sunflower challenge happening. Let me know your measurements this week and I will update you on the results on Friday.

    Today's timetable with links are uploaded below.

    Have a fantastic day!

    Mrs Babb

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  • Tuesday 2nd June

    Published 01/06/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Hello all

    The picture is of the International Space Station flying over where i live last week, Did  any of you see it? showing it on a thumb nail doesn't really do it justice. Maybe you have a more impressive picture than mine?

    I have loaded todays time table for you below

    Mrs Babb

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  • Welcome Back

    Published 31/05/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Monday 1st June

    Monday’s Lessons

    Welcome Back! I hope you have all been staying safe and alert over half term and enjoying the break. This week, if school is open as expected, I shall be teaching in school and so Mrs Babb will also be helping to keep you informed and updated with your learning. In Maths, fractions learning will continue this week. This was new learning for you before half term and this week you will go over some of the things you may already know, and use those skills. RE, ICT and Music are new this half term, but your spellings, handwriting, times tables and comprehension activities will continue as usual as these are VERY important to practice little and often.

    I hope you enjoy this week, I look forward to seeing your work.

    Mrs W

    PS: If you have reached the end of your green Home Learning book, please let me know and I will be able to supply you with a new one.

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  • WC 1.6.20 Timetable

    Published 28/05/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Here is what we have planned for the first week back after half term.

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  • Last day of term sunflower update!

    Published 22/05/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Sunflower competition update...

      week 4
    Mrs W 76cm
    Chloe 34cm
    Thomas H 23cm
    Rosie 72cm
    Elliot 15cm
    Henry B 15cm
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  • Friday 22nd May

    Published 21/05/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    We've made it! It's already the last day of this half term and I have been very proud of how you have shown perseverance with your home learning. 

    Although I shall be teaching in school after half term, I shall still post a weekly timetable and daily updates on the blog as usual, so please keep emailing me all the work you are doing at home. These will all be overseen by me and now Mrs Babb too. You can still get in touch with me via email, and through Mrs Aslett at school.

    Here is a link to an assembly by the Bishop of Oxford at 10.30 today, sharing his wise words all about 'courage' which we have all shown and will continue to need to do so in these unusual times, so do please try to watch. Primary -

    I hope you enjoy your half term break.

    Stay safe


    Mrs W

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  • Thursday 21st May

    Published 20/05/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Welcome to Thursday! Only 2 days to go until yo all have a well deserved break for half term. 

    If you haven't had a chance to look at the gallery recently, please do so, our image today is of Ioan's Egyptian museum that he set up at home - super work!

    Today, if you haven't managed to drop me an email to show me some of your work recently, please do so. It's been super busy in school and contact from you is really appreciated - so I know you are all still out there and I'm not just talking to a screen!

    There are only 2 days left to send me your videos for our school 'say hello' clips that we shall be putting together - it will be such a treat to see you all!

    Also - those who are taking part in the sunflower competition, please send me your measurements so I can publish where we all are - I must say, the sun this week has meant that my sunflower is looking super tall - I shall measure her today!

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  • Wednesday 20th May

    Published 19/05/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Hello Sycamore!
    The 'stone snake' that has been adorning the front gate of the school I'm sure will keep growing - what a lovely idea - I found a painted stone with a dog's face on in Mortimer a few weeks ago - I wish I had kept it then I could have added it to the snake! I shall have to get painting and raid my driveway for some good sized pebbles!

    I am busy getting ready for our re-opening in school this week, and so I may be a bit slower to respond to emails than usual. If you need to get hold of me more urgently, do phone school and Mrs Aslett will track me down!

    Sorry if there was any confusion over the geography work yesterday, most of the task was online so not much to add to the project - but as has been said before - every little helps.

    Enjoy today's tip - don't just print out the science attachments - they are very long - make a decision online and print what you need!

    Mrs W

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  • Tuesday 19th May

    Published 18/05/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Happy Tuesday!

    I have heard many of you managed to make your catapults last week, if you did, please do share a photo or video of it in action! I can share the photos in our work gallery.

    Enjoy your day today.

    Mrs W

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  • Monday 18th May

    Published 17/05/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Welcome to week 5 of the summer term, our 7th week of home learning!

    I have had a bit of a lazy weekend pottering in the garden and enjoying the sunshine, and my cat's tail is now fixed! I took him to the vet and she gave him some medicine which has worked wonders. So much so that he has been out hunting and delivered me a mouse as a gift!

    I have recorded the next instalment of The Dancing Bear at this link, which you will need to copy into your browser, and should have the rest ready by the end of the week;​​​​​​​

    Please try to complete both Maths and English sessions that are set each day this week, the other sessions are much shorter than normal.

    Enjoy your week

    Mrs W

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