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Year 3 School Closure Blog

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  • Thank you all and goodbye

    Published 17/07/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Well, this is my last blog - what an unusual term to end on! Over the past year, it has been a real pleasure teaching your children, they have been such a joy and reminded me of all the good things about being a teacher, and taught me lots of new things too. Thank you for 'lending' them to me, and thank you all so much for my beautiful flowers, vouchers and gifts - I am taken aback with your generosity.

    I think there have been lots of positives to come out of lock down; watching the world change; seeing more nature and having the opportunity to spend so much time with our children has been the biggest, we won't get that opportunity again.

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  • Summer Holiday

    Published 17/07/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Please find attached some ideas if you would like to do some additional challenges to keep those brains ticking over throughout the summer holidays including the West Berkshire Summer Reading Challenge

    Miss Tompkins gave you a poster 'All about Me' on Tuesday, and would like you to create your own version, ...all about you. These will be be put up as a display in your new classroom in September. Have fun creating them and show off how artistic you all are! I have attached her version below, incase you were working from home that day.

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  • Friday 17th July

    Published 16/07/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Well this is the last blog from me this term. It has been lots of fun, I am sorry I didn't see those who made it back to school, but I know Mrs Whitaker enjoyed her time with you. I have enjoyed communicating on here, by email and on the phone. Thank you Mrs Whitaker for letting me take over whilst she was in school.

    You all should be proud of yourselves and I am really looking forward to seeing you all in Year 4 next term.

    I have attached your work for today below.

    Now for the important bit.............Our sunflower competition I have received 4 measurements this week but I will also include the last measurements for those that have not updated me. So here goes

    Chloe 190cm, Thomas H 72cm, Rosie 225cm, Elliot and Henry 120cm, Victoria 61cm, Beau 228cm and finally.......... Mrs Whitaker 229cm!

    Before she got too smug I have reminded Mrs Whitaker that it's not over until they have all flowered so keep measuring and pampering your plants, you can still knock her off her perch!

    Mrs Whitaker will be posting on the blog later today so do look out for it, she will be giving you some ideas to keep your brains ticking over during the holidays and saying good bye for this year.

    That's all from me, so all I have to say is have a safe and fantastic summer break with your families and see you all in September.

    Mrs Babb 

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  • Thursday 16th July

    Published 15/07/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    We are almost there, just 2 days left of this term.

    Your timetable for today is below and no extra resources are needed.

    Those of you working from home will find your school books to take home in the foyer at school for you to collect when you return your reading books.

    Don't forget to let me have your final sunflower measurements for this term today, so I can update you all tomorrow with the results.

    Mrs Babb


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  • Timetable w/c 13.07.20

    Published 11/07/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Here is your timetable for the final week.

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  • Tuesday 5th May

    Published 04/05/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Happy Tuesday! 

    The whole school book has finally been published with all the amazing illustrations supplied by children across the school. Please use this link to view the finished version.

    It is a real triumph, and you should all be rightly proud.

    I am really looking forward to seeing some videos of you performing your chosen poems: do email them to me at

    I hope you enjoy today's learning.

    From Mrs W

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  • May the 4th be with you...

    Published 03/05/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Welcome back! Week 5 and counting. I have had a lovely weekend planting more seeds and making bunting ready to hang outside my house on Friday in celebration of VE Day. It is 75 years since it was Victory in Europe when the guns fell silent, and the fighting stopped, marking the end of World War 2.   Maybe you could make some bunting too? Let me know what you've got planned.

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  • Weekly plan w/c 4 May

    Published 01/05/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Here is what we have in store for next week.... The links aren't yet available for BBC Bitesize work and it may change slightly over the week, but hopefully it may help some of you with your weekly organisation.

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  • Friday 1st May

    Published 30/04/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Yay! It's Friday....Today is Pyjamarama Day! BookTrust's celebration of bedtime stories and reading is today - and you're invited! Join families across the country, plus the nation’s best-loved authors and illustrators, for a festival of online events and activities - all in the comfort of your favourite pyjamas. Stay in Pyjamas all day if you like and look at the itinerary below and the website for lots of different fun activities to join in with from home. Pick and choose what you want to get involved in – Have fun!

    UPDATE @ 11:00AM - The Book Trust website is proving so popular that the site keeps crashing. Apologies. Try to access it when you can, in the meantime, remember the focus for the day is the love of reading. Find a comfy place,  a good book and just enjoy.

    I have been growing some sunflowers in my garden, and am having a competition with Chloe, because she has been growing them too....If there is anyone else who would like to join our class growing competition, do let me know - Mine is already 27cm tall - but it is a marathon not a sprint, so you still have time to plant yours and join in the growing challenge! I shall keep track of the growing and later in the summer we will see who's is the tallest!

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Mrs W

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  • Thursday 30th April

    Published 29/04/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Can you believe we are nearing the end of our 4th week of home learning (I feels longer than that!) and you are all doing so well keeping up with whatever work you can manage at home. Keep sharing your work with me. If you look on the Work Gallery, I shall be sharing more examples of your work that you are sending. Enjoy today's learning. 

    Here is the direct link to the online Assembly as on todays timetable:

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  • Wednesday 29th April

    Published 28/04/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Welcome to Wednesday! Well, what a difference a day makes - the weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse - although the plants in my garden are thankful for a spot of rain. If you have any illustrations for the whole school story book, then please do send them to me today. Enjoy your day - maybe go out and enjoy splashing in puddles!

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  • Tuesday 28th April

    Published 27/04/20, by Melissa Whitaker

    Welcome to Tuesday! I hope you all managed to Bob a Job yesterday - don't worry if you didn't you can do something today instead (or as well as!). Enjoy your day.

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