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  • Weekly Work Summer Term 2

    Published 06/06/20, by Fiona Coulam

    Hello again! Hope you all had a good weekend.

    Thanks so much to Mrs. Hinckley who has been helping me answer your emails, upload your work and inspire you to keep going! I have really enjoyed seeing what you have done each evening as it appears on the website! There are some stunning models and lovely posters which are very well thought out and presented. Have a look if you haven't seen them! 

    This week the Maths is from the National Oak Academy videos as we revise some work on Shape and Angles. It involves some drawing and making so sharp pencils and rulers at the ready! Next week we'll go back to Bitesize.

    I am more and more inspired to add things to the USA  project, so this week to help you with Tasks 2 and 3 of the USA Project I have added a 'Name the States' map to the blog. Also the Friday Reading Comprehension is about the Statue of Liberty in New York and The US Presidents. Enjoy discovering more about the USA!  I am learning a lot! Enjoy! 

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  • Just a reminder...

    Published 02/06/20, by Lucy Hinckley

    In our lego themed week, there are many exciting things to do: delving into the history of lego, creating and evaluating a model and researching America for Geography, among other things. I am already enjoying receiving pictures and Emails from some of you, but I also appreciate that yet another week of Lockdown  makes it hard to focus on work- particularly after a week's holiday. 

    So, this is a challenge for all of you. Aim to send me at least one piece of work that you are particularly proud of. Think about the presentation and content. Make my heart  sing as you show me what you can do. Picture Mrs Coulam and I dancing with delight! 

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  • Weekly Work Summer Term 2

    Published 30/05/20, by Fiona Coulam

    Hello and welcome back! Hope you had a good half term.  If you want to see some other 'hellos' from your classmates click on this link:

     This week I have uploaded the timetable and resources for the whole week at once.

    The Geography, Science and Art I have uploaded as projects so that they will last you more than just this week- so if you are inspired and want to carry on, you can! They should last you a few weeks. We are starting some new Topics- the USA, Electricity and a project on the artist Lowry where you build up a picture a bit at a time by painting and drawing.

    The theme of the week for English is LEGO and we are going to find out about the history of LEGO and write about some of our LEGO creations. 

    Just a reminder that I shall be in school this week so Mrs. Hinckley will be helping me by answering emails for me whilst I am teaching. 

    Enjoy the week! 

    Mrs. Coulam


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  • Friday 22nd May

    Published 21/05/20, by Fiona Coulam

    Welcome to Friday ! We made it to half term ! Thanks for all the work and videos you have been sending me - it has been great to see both the video to put together for the class of you saying 'hello' and also the ones of the talks explaining your interests! Thank you and well done on all the work you have been doing! 

    Although I shall be teaching in school after half term, I shall still post a weekly timetable and any necessary updates on the blog , so please keep emailing me all the work you are doing at home. These will all be overseen by me and now Mrs Hinckley too. You can still get in touch with me via email, and through Mrs Aslett at school. 

    I have included a project called 'My Lockdown Life in a Box' on the Year 4 front page if you want to start doing  some desiging and making during half term- this is optional, only start it if you want to do it . It's the same idea as World Book Day Book in a box where you make a scene in a box and gives you some cut outs to get you started. Make your own designs up if you want instead of using theirs but I have put the download on the Year 4 front page to give you the idea. 

    If you want to participate in an assembly today, the Diocese of Oxford has prepared one you can watch and join in- at the end they sing one of the songs we always sing in assembly!

    Have a brilliant half term and a well-deserved rest ! 



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  • Thursday 21st May

    Published 20/05/20, by Fiona Coulam

    Thanks for some of the videos sent so that you can say 'hi' to the others in your class and we can put them together. Today practise your talk and record it if you are happy with doing that. Enjoy the Art- we are going to do a project after half term on L.S. Lowry and this is the introductory lesson. Have a go at drawing a few 'matchstick' people that he is famous for! 

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  • Wednesday 20th May

    Published 19/05/20, by Fiona Coulam

    Welcome to Wednesday! I can see some of you really enjoyed the hour of code yesterday! Today I would like you to have a go at writing a short talk about a subject of your choice! If you are happy with it then tomorrow you could practise it, video it as an mp4 file and then I'll put the videos on an unlisted you tube channel over half term and send you the link. 

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  • Tuesday May 19th

    Published 18/05/20, by Fiona Coulam

    Hello! Today I would like you to have a go at some coding for ICT using the 'Hour of Code' website- see details on the lessons for Tuesday below. Apart from that there is more work on perimeter of rectilinear shapes (a rectilinear shape is a polygon-straight sided shape- where all lines meet at a right angle.) Enjoy! 

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  • Monday 18th May

    Published 17/05/20, by Fiona Coulam

    Hope you all had a good weekend!  We have enjoyed being allowed to play tennis again and going for another cycle ride in a minute! I am enjoying hearing all your news! This week start thinking about the little talk you will start preparing on Wednesday about something that you are interested in and want to share with others. It only needs to be about 5 minutes or less. I will give you an example of my notes for my talk on Wednesday. Here is the link to Paddington Chapter 3 ! This one is about Paddington in a Cooking competition and I really enjoyed it because it reminded me of the Great British Bakeoff! Enjoy!

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  • Friday 15th May

    Published 14/05/20, by Fiona Coulam

    Welcome to Friday! I have enjoyed reading some great stories about 'The Present.'  Keep working on them if you haven't finished.

    Next week I am going to ask you to write a little talk about an interest of yours that you would like to share. It might be connected with something you have done in lockdown that you have never done before or for example  it might be a pet that you would like to talk about.  The important thing it is something you want to share. Start having a think and I'll give you more details next week. Have a great weekend! 

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  • Thursday 14th May

    Published 13/05/20, by Fiona Coulam

    Hello! I got a glimpse of some super writing to start off stories yesterday.  Looking forward to seeing finished ones but take your time to write and check them. Remember you can present them any way you want; they do not have to be hand written. I will upload any I am sent to the gallery so you can all read them. Have a go at some Art today as well! Also today's  assembly features Helen Sharman, the first British Citizen to go into space.  

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  • Wednesday May 13th

    Published 12/05/20, by Fiona Coulam

    Hope some of you were able to get out and about yesterday! 

    Today I would like you to start writing your story about 'The present.' I want you to write the setting, introduce the character and then describe opening the present and your main character's first reaction to the present. We are doing this bit by bit so that we can make each paragraph as good as possible.  

     The idea is to space out the writing of the story over the week.  Feel free to do this however you like- on a powerpoint, typed on one piece of paper, or handwritten. Please send me your stories if you want to when you have finished them. I am looking forward to some imaginative ideas! Science is to make an 'old fashioned' telephone (one where a wire is involved to connect the receivers!) to see how sounds travel over distance. Enjoy! 

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  • Tuesday 12th May

    Published 11/05/20, by Fiona Coulam

    Welcome to Tuesday ! Today hopefully you can start the Maps Challenge if the weather is good enough. It involves finding as many maps as you can both on your daily walk (if there are some) and in the house and then working out why they might be useful and what features of a map they show. If you need to revise features of a map from 3 weeks ago I have included the link from the video we first watched then. Enjoy! 

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