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Thursday 22nd October

Hi all, 

Over half term I would like you to read a selection of poems and choose your favourite one. Not the shortest one.... your favourite one! 

I would then like you to learn that poem by heart and prepare to perform it to the class on your return to school. 

In your performance I will be looking for:

  • Confident body language - so you must know the words well.
  • A clear and loud voice - so you must know the words well.
  • A clear and controlled pace -  so you must know the words well.
  • Clear enunciation - so you must know the words well!

Can you see a pattern there?! You must know the words well!!  I would suggest you choose a poem early on and then read it little and often until you are confident with the words. Then start to think about how you will use your tone of voice, speed and gestures to get the message of your poem across. You're not simply 'reading' the poem..... you're going to 'perform' it. There is a difference! 

There are lots of poems here that may help 

If you would prefer to, you can record yourself reciting the poem and email it in to school for us to share in class. 

I look forward to seeing your performances when we return!


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