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Managing our emotions can be difficult for us all at some time in our lives and part of our school's commitment to helping our children Learn to Live is to be able to offer the experiences of a trained Emotional Literacy Support Advisors. Mrs Lucas works with our children to help them understand, articulate and manage their emotions especially when these are getting in the way of their everyday lives.

At this current moment in time, there are additional stresses for our children due to the uncertainty, changes in routines, concerns about family and friends welfare, lack of access to friends and family and the inevitable tensions created in a household when the adults are dealing with all this as well!

Please find below some links and documents we hope you will find useful in supporting your child through this difficult time as well as more general wellbeing and motivational guidance.

If you have any specific queries about this content or any worries from you or your child please contact the ELSA team through

During normal school opening, our ELSA team work with either individuals or groups of children who are referred through the class teacher. If you are concerned about your child please contact the class teacher who will help to complete a referral form for our ELSA resource. Please be advised that there is always more demand than supply for this support so sessions may not be started immediately.


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