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Homework (FS2)

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  • Homework for 23rd May and Half Term

    Published 19/05/22, by Natasha Howlett

    Hello everyone, 

    Over the next couple of weeks please focus on learning your song words for our Busy Bee production. In addition to this I will send home some books to read and some of you have new flashcards to work on. Please also remember to have lots of fun with your family and friends! Mrs Howlett

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  • Our Jubilee Song 13.5.22

    Published 13/05/22, by Natasha Howlett

    Please practise singing this ready for our jubilee celebrations. 

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  • 6th May Tricky Words!

    Published 06/05/22, by Natasha Howlett

    Please see below some ideas to help you try writing your tricky words. Remember you can try writing them in the soil with a stick, in a sandpit, or even outside with chalks. There is a video link for you to watch if you want to get some ideas of words to try. Have fun. 

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  • W/B 29th April The Hanger Challenge

    Published 27/04/22, by Natasha Howlett

    Please see the hanger and peg game attached. In addition to this remember you can try remembering all the different ways of adding two parts to make the whole 10 or even subtracting from 10 to see how many are left. Don't forget to share your scheme and other books as home as well as running through your digraph flashcards. 

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  • 11th March 2022

    Published 10/03/22, by Natasha Howlett

    Creating Maps 

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  • 3rd March Homework

    Published 03/03/22, by Natasha Howlett

    This week we have begun to learn the story of The Three Little Pigs. We have drawn our own story maps and some of us have made houses and written all about them. Have a look at the activities below and see if there is one you would like to try with your family. We would love to see it on Tapestry. Remember to read your scheme reading book and share other books at home too. 

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  • Week 12th February and half term

    Published 12/02/22, by Natasha Howlett

    This week we have been learning about animals that live in polar regions, particularly penguins. I wonder if there are any facts you can recall and share with your family? We have been making some great polar worlds in our tuff spots and some sugar cube igloos. Perhaps you could try making one at home or even a polar den outside. Next week we will be learning about some famous polar explorers, we might even have our own polar adventure. 

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  • 7th February

    Published 03/02/22, by Natasha Howlett

    Chinese New Year 

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  • 28th January

    Published 28/01/22, by Natasha Howlett

    Ten little Lights 

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  • Homework for the weeks of 14th and 21st of January

    Published 14/01/22, by Natasha Howlett

    We have had a lot of fun learning all about postman and stories from within this story. Please choose an activity each week to explore this story further. 

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  • Winter Evenings

    Published 06/01/22, by Natasha Howlett

    January 6th 2022

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  • Homework 4/12/21

    Published 03/12/21, by Natasha Howlett

    This week our homework will be a little different. Please could you help your child learn the first two verses of Away in a Manger, ready for our recording of our class carol. The words are below. Thank you for your support. 

    Children, I wonder if you can remember the actions that have been helping us to remember the words?

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