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Year 5 Homework: 20.11.20

I can hardly believe that the end of November is fast approaching. Where has the time gone? As part of a busy week, we have been looking at the different types of government in the Greek City states: monarchy (Sparta) , oligarchy (Thebes)  and democracy (Athens). Developing this further, we are hoping to have our own mini class election where the class can elect a representative who can  consult with the class and help plan an afternoon of activities to celebrate the number of house points we have earned over the term. The children have been busy making posters and will work on speeches and presentations next week. 

In the meantime, in Maths, the children have started working on their Multiplication and Division unit of work. The My Maths work is all about finding factors, common factors and prime factors.

See below for the spelling, which is all about adding the suffix 'ssion' to make a shuhn sound at the end of the word. I have also added a list of the year  5 spellings. This is still focussing on suffixes, but will be looking at words with the ious spelling pattern. This will be tackled more as a spelling investigation throughout the week. We will be looking at how this ending can turn nouns into adjectives.See if you can work out what the root words are.

Finally, on we are revising key words that we need to know in order to break down sentences. I have posted a test revising some of the words like verb, noun, adverb, direct speech, pronoun etc. Some of you may have done this before. However, the children need to have a confident understanding of what these words mean to help them in their spag work. I have put a copy of a glossary of all the technical words for Spag on the Year 5 page.




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