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Year 2

Welcome to Hazel – Year 2

Traditionally the top of the Infants! Now of course known as the last year of KS1. It is lovely to be working with all your children again and although I am sure there will be times of adjustment as they get used to new expectations, take lead roles in the play, support those younger than themselves etc… I hope it will be a year of growth and fun in our newly decorated and refurbished room!  

Mrs. Howlett (Class Teacher)


Class Routines

The mornings start with our “Good Morning Challenge,” this is a time for the children to practice key skills and knowledge linked to our class learning. It is important they are able to complete these activities and have a time to say “hello” to peers and staff, generally getting ready for learning.

Breaks remain the same as last year and the children are dismissed at the end of the school day in the same way. Children attending clubs will be directed to their meeting point, either to the place of the activity or to the designated class to change into PE kit in.

We have class monitors in place and now they are in Year Two they have voted for two members of the class to be part of the school council representing KS1 and EYFS.

The children will be bringing home a library book which we hope to change regularly. The ay for changing may vary so when your child is ready to change their book encourage them to bring it in in their book bag. Reading books will be changed as last year and guided reading sessions will remain an important part of the teaching week. Parent support for reading or other activities is very much appreciated and you should have received a mail about how to sign up for this.

Keeping ourselves mentally and physically fit will be important and short physical and mental breaks such as “Mindfulness” will be built into the school day.

PE Day

PE will be on a Wednesday morning and a Friday afternoon. Please ensure their kit is always in school. It will be sent home for washing and sizing checks during the school holidays. Please name all their kit as well as their coats, hats etc… as we enter the winter season.

Water Bottles and Lunch

Again, as last year, please send your child to school with a named flask of water. Dinners can be ordered at home or at school. We cannot change home orders so please make sure your child I happy with the selection made. There is fruit available at break.


We will provide all stationery for our lessons in school so your child doesn’t need to bring a pencil case into school, but they will need access to stationery at home for their homework. Please do not place water bottles inside book bags. We lose a number of books each year due to water damage.


Please continue with daily reading, little and often. Please also read to your child and encourage them to read outside the school scheme. TTRS, My Maths and will continue to run as last year. Passwords should be in our child’s reading log book. Please see me if your child needs access to a school computer. In additional to this there will be a grid of enhancement activities each term. Please complete as many or few as you and your child would like.


Yes, these are important but no, please do not worry about them or allow our child to. They will be built into lesson time, we will need to practice some papers to allow children feel confident in tackling them. The SATS enable the summative tracking of pupils on a national, local and individual level. This information is valuable, but it is only one part of how we assess and then plan for your child. I am happy to discuss any questions with you, but request you do this at a different point to Meet the Teacher as the children will be with us.

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